David Ditzel

Art Director and Copywriter

Having squandered his first year after art school living dangerously, driving lorries through central Africa to flog, it didn’t take him long to realize that in dealing with the Ugandan Military his own skin was at stake!

This obviously was not a career with long term prospects so he opted for the so-called easy life in advertising. David joined McCann Erickson as a junior art director and went on to develop his career with agencies such as Grandfield Rork Collins, Saatchis, Connell May Stevenson, CM Lintas, Burton Wisgard Doxat, Reay Keating Hamer, Grey and SOUK. A career that has given him the opportunity to work on on everything from cars to tractors, hair products to airlines, ships, chips, maps, taps, white goods, brown goods, milk and plain chocolates, islands, highlands, counties, countries, nappies and all things wet.

He’s won a few awards in his time not least for his cartoons!

Worryingly he now likes to create his own fireworks.

When not losing his eyebrows, David likes to watch rugby, paint, write limericks and has a passion for photography. Motorbikes are another obsession and when the weather is good he’s been known to hop on and not stop until Spain. If he had to admit some dislikes they would include gardening, the Springboks and the word lozenge.