Emilie Laberondo

Account Executive

Emilie possess two french degrees specialised in communication strategy and design of multimedia product.

She did a first internship as online marketing assistant, her role was to promote french food specialities like wine or the famous “foie-gras”.

After a great experience in the food industry she decided to discover a new sector, the travel industry. For this purpose, Emilie left her small town in the south west of France to live in Bordeaux.

In this city she worked in a communication agency focused on the promotion the city – “Bordeaux Commerce”. The aim of this organisation was to promote the overseas. Her role was first to write articles about interesting places in the city and create a magazine focused on Bordeaux. She also had to seek new partnerships with magazines or brand to represent the city in the rest of France.

Thanks to this enriching experience she wanted to continue in the tourism sector.

Then she moved from France to London where she has been able to practice her english and work for a lot of different countries.

Emilie ’s current role Junior Marketing Executive permits her to work with a multitude of international destinations and learn new angles of communication.

Relevant experience: Travel, communication strategy, branding, social media