Queensland and Finding Nemo

Connection with a massive audience, delivered via a partnership with a powerful Global Brand

The Challenge

To create a campaign that stood apart from a ‘standard’ travel campaign and which would connect with a mainstream, global brand and speak to a new and wider audience.

The Idea

Finding Nemo was ‘filmed’ on The Great Barrier Reef and for the release of Finding Nemo 3D, we created a brand partnership between Disney and Tourism Queensland. Association with such a high profile brand , and one with broad appeal , added gravitas and considerably more exposure than we would normally have hoped to achieve.

The Execution

We created a wide range of content ( inc. Banners and Brand Video ) and connected with a wide range of premium partners , including  –  National Geographic, The Mail on Sunday, You Tube, The Telegraph, Classic FM , Spotify, and The Evening Standard

The Results

Print Reach – 3,486,371

Online Reach – 15,163,601

Direct Mailing Reach – 2,784,574

Radio Reach  – 3,558,000

Disney Stores Reach – 1,260,000


Project Details

  • Queensland Tourism
  • January 2015

Project Results

          • Print Reach: 3,486,371
          • Online Reach: 15,163,601
          • Direct Mailing : 2,784,574
          • Radio Reach : 3,558,000
          • Disney Stores Reach: – 1,260,000