Transformers 4 & Texas

Texas partnership with Transformers: Age of Extinction, rode on the back of international excitement, to leverage a truly integrated and big impact campaign

The Challenge

Texas is a secondary or tertiary choice for European visitors to the United States. Travellers are much more likely to visit New York, Florida or California in the first instance. The challenge was to craft an unconventional travel campaign that allowed us to compete with these more established locations. A campaign that spoke to different people in new and surprising ways. Essentially, one that allowed us to fish in a bigger pond.


The Idea

A good chunk of the film was shot outside Austin, Texas. This allowed us to connect images of the destination, with a Hollywood Blockbuster and its audience. This partnership made sense due to a number of shared elements  – Texas Scenery & Locations, Action and Adventure, and an Automotive / Road Trip connection. We wanted to  –

  • Use the release of Transformers 4 , to raise awareness of Texas as a tourist destination and encourage visitation
  • Use the Transformers platform and content, to target new (and existing) target audiences and increase the reach of the messaging beyond that normally achievable
  • Create integrated brand, retail and trade partners to maximise awareness and drive consumer response and bookings


The Execution

We leveraged the inclusion of Texas within the film with an integrated marketing campaign consisting of DM, online video, retail and brand partnerships, social media and events. Consumer response was driven via tour operator and airline partners: Opodo, British Airways and American Airlines Across the campaign, we partnered with brands including  – O2, Monster Headphones, Cinemaxx, British Airways, American Airlines, Opodo, Google, Tube Mogul, eDreams and You Tube.


The Results

  • Total Campaign Reach – 41,598,825
  • Total Media Value – $ 1,000,000
  • Engagement – 25,000 competition entrants


Project Details

Project Results

  • Total Reach: 41,598,825
  • Total Media Value : $ 1,000,000
  • Engagement: 25,000 Competition entrants