27th May 2016

Hyper-Reality presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media . Amazing, terrifying? You decide.  (short video)

People are not responding to Facebook Reactions. ‘Facebook launched its Reactions feature, an extension of the “like” button, in February, giving users more options to express their feelings instead of simply liking a post. Yet this feature is hardly being used.’ 

Why your brand doesn’t need anyone to participate in anything. ‘We should never conflate heavy product usage with a “relationship.” Yes, people love Nike. But it’s a stretch to assert that people have a relationship with Nike. They’re not waiting for the chance to submit user-generated content, or do an activity on behalf of the Nike marketing team. They just love the product. That’s where the “relationship” ends.’

Bricks and Slaughter? ‘Lego products are becoming increasingly violent as toymakers engage in an “arms race” to catch children’s attention in the digital age. Researchers say bricks with weapons have steadily become more commonplace and are now included in 30% of Lego kits’ .This is This is becoming a Lego Arms Race

Transforming Tate Modern. From the FT, the world’s most visited museum of modern and contemporary art will open a £260m extension next month. The FT takes a tour of the new building with its architect, Jacques Herzog, and meets Tate director Nicholas Serota. (subscription needed)

From the Monday Note and by Jean-Louis Gassee – ‘The iPads meandering road to the future of personal computing’ : ‘The iPad will almost certainly continue along two lines. As the consumer version (simply) matures, the (iPad) Pro will evolve into a more powerful hybrid device thanks to the successors to today’s A9 processor. iOS will support that evolution and enable stronger third-party applications for office and media creation applications’.

Brands are using a new youth targeting term and #tag ( borrowed from Urban Dictionary, natch) called #Adulting.’Urban Dictionary, definitely the standard-bearer for all things young, defines “adulting” as doing grown-up things such as holding down a job or paying rent. Brandwatch found that the phrase has been mentioned 642,000 times online in the last year, with usages peaking last month at more than 87,000 mentions.

Some interesting infographics here, all told via the medium of HBO Box Office hits such as House of Cards and Game of Thrones. Somewhat surprisingly sourced from an Investment Bank’s crash courseon everything you need to know about digital media in 2016. 

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in, but it’s so eye opening (watering?), I couldn’t resist. From The Guardian reporting on a new Channel 4programme – The Secret Life of Human Pups. Meet the Men who live as Dogs.

And finally, a quick reminder that the sea can be both awesome and terrifying. This video from a ship in the Southern Ocean off the coast of Antartica.