10th June 2016

The smart people from NESTA have announced their Future Festconference, weekend of 17th and 18th September. Lineup includes Brian Eno, Will Self and Melody Hossaini. This is how it looked last year.

From @emarketeer – The Key To Successful Multi-Channel Marketing. ‘Seasoned marketers understand that multichannel marketing isn’t just about executing in multiple channels but integrating them. This more holistic, omnichannel definition that includes online and offline channels is now the norm, as are hopes for its implementation.’ However, accomplishing this is proving elusive. 

Interesting perspective. Brainstorming questions , not ideas, sparks creativity. ‘The latest proponent of this approach is the author and business consultant Matthew E. May, whose new book, Winning the Brain Game, describes a question-generation process that May calls “frame-storming”—because it uses question-generation to help in “framing” the challenge at hand. And here, – why sometimes, the Best Brief is a Question.

The always engaging @informationisbeautiful have re-vamped their website. Lots of informative (and beautiful) stuff here and a chance to win tickets to their ‘Workshops are Beautiful’ sessions.

Use of social media across western Europe is more varied than one might think. In terms of user penetration as a % of population,the spread between the Netherlands at 64% and Italy at 47% ,is 17 percentage points.

Can we live without death? It seems that we do not want to live forever – ‘Proponents of life-extension therapies don’t just face scientific hurdles — they’re also up against people’s aversion to immortality.’

From NYT, a look at the extraordinary development of the Holy City of Mecca. A building boom in the city’s sacred centre has created a dazzling, high-tech 21st-century pilgrimage. Pictures by Luca Locatelli, the first one is a view of the Grand Mosque from a Grand Royal Suite at the Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower. The suite can cost $10,000 a night …and on a related note, and in the month of Ramadan, here is a Ramadan App , that makes fasting more convenient. 

An improvement or irreverent ? New Bible verses remove “Behold” and replace it with “Look, Buddy”. 

From The New Yorker. Great fun with ‘Math(s) : An Illustrated Guide’.Paris + Gravy = Montreal (?) 

Paddy Power continues its confrontational but very visible ‘Lucky Generals’ ad campaign. This time it parks an enormous lorry outside the Russian embassy. In case you were wondering, it translates as – ‘chat shit, get banged’ ; explanation here from Urban Dictionary . You are welcome.